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Primary care physicians treatment and services in Central Florida.

PCP (Primary Care Physicians)

Are you experiencing some health problems? Or do you need a general check-up? Our doctors will help you to take care of your health and prevent diseases.


Do you need a remote diagnosis or treatment immediately? Our physicians will help you with medical care wherever you are.

Annual Physical Exams

Do you need an annual physical exam near you? We will ensure your wellness and good health by checking your overall health status.

Weight Management

We will help you to find a balance between your lifestyle and long-term healthy habits to manage your weight.

Lab Tests and Screenings

Screening tests help to detect diseases early or to identify possible risk factors. These kinds of tests are important for preventive health care.


Nebulization is a medical process of administering medication directly by inhalation. It is a form of respiratory care.

Wound clinic

Do you need help in taking care of a wound? We have experience in the care and treatment of acute, chronic, and non-healing wounds.

Pap Smear

With a Pap smear, we can prevent cervical cancer in women. If you are over 30 years old, this is a procedure that should be done once a year.

DOT Physical Examinations

This is the checkup required by the Department of Transportation for commercial vehicle drivers to establish whether their physical condition will allow them to drive safely.

School and Sport Physical

A sports physical will ensure that your child has the physical and mental fitness to safely participate in their chosen sport.

Pre-Placement Physical Exams

This exam includes basic tests like checking the employee’s weight, pulse, blood pressure, temperature, eyesight and other possible examinations as required for their particular job.

Urine Drug Screens

A urine drug test can detect the presence of drugs in a person’s system. This method of drug testing is painless, easy and quick.

Work Related Injuries

We have doctors with experience in occupational medicine. We can evaluate and treat work injuries with an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.

ADHD therapy

We provide effective treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. We will teach you skills that control the symptoms and help you to manage your daily tasks.

Testosterone therapy

Testosterone replacement therapy is a treatment that helps to boost energy levels, increase muscle mass and restore sexual function.

Breath Alcohol Testing

Breath alcohol testing devices use exhaled breath to calculate the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood. They can measure alcohol on the breath for 12 to 24 hours after consumption.


Stitches are loops of thread that doctors use to join the edges of a cut on your skin. After several days, the skin heals and the stitches come out.

Minor Procedures

Minor surgical procedures are those that are minimally invasive and can be done for any age group and any area of the body.


The electrocardiogram shows the electrical activity of the heart in the form of a graph, using electrodes placed on the skin.


A medical ultrasound is a diagnostic imaging technique using sound waves to create images of internal body structures.


Cryotherapy uses extreme cold to freeze and remove abnormal tissue. We use it to treat many skin conditions – including warts and skin tags.

IV medications

We administer intravenous medication, as prescribed by the doctor, where it is necessary to ensure that a constant level of the medication remains in the blood.

IV Vitamin Therapy

IV vitamin treatments can help to provide necessary nutrition when the stomach isn’t absorbing nutrients effectively. This kind of treatment is recommended for patients with certain gastrointestinal conditions.


Were you involved in a motor vehicle accident (MVA)? We can help you in your recovery!