Occupational health, the new priority

Occupational health, the new priority

Occupational health, the new priority

The pandemic has marked a milestone in everyone’s life – regardless of country or region, we have been forced to adapt to teleworking, restrictions, preventive health measures, and more. Many things will never be the same again, including work. COVID-19 has changed the long-term priorities of talent management in companies and occupational health has become a priority.

According to ManpowerGroup’s “Skills Revolution Reboot” study, companies are now more aware than ever before that preserving the health and well-being of employees is critical to their role. In fact, 63% place it as a top priority for 2021. Now it’s not just about creating a healthy environment at work, but also about:

  • Preventing illnesses which might affect the employee and the entire community.
  • Coping with stress, anxiety and burnout.
  • Taking care of the physical integrity to avoid work accidents.
  • Protecting everyone – employees, customers, suppliers and anyone else in the facility.

How to protect the health of your employees?

The key is planning, in a structured way, and anticipating different scenarios. Such planning must:

  • Identify all areas and tasks that have the potential for exposure to Covid-19 in the company.
  • Include control measures to eliminate or reduce such exposure.
  • Consider factors such as the possibility of maintaining social distancing in the workplace.
  • Promoting remote work (teleworking).
  • Take into account those employees most at risk of becoming seriously ill.
  • Take into account the employees’ situation. Do they live in a shared accommodation? What is the level of transmission of COVID-19 in their communities?
  • Maintain sanitary measures in commercial operations.
  • Include a chapter that considers mental health and fostering of a healthy work environment.

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